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Kotulo offers practical solutions to help organizations quickly get from Talk to Action. We work with you to define your desired results, determine a laser focused strategy, and develop processes to measure your progress towards those results. Our goal is to help you be accountable to your mission and demonstrate your impact.

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Strategic Planning

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re at a good point to hit pause, we’ll help you to determine and articulate where you’re trying to make real change. Then we’ll build a comprehensive set of activities that are mission critical and measurable. 

Program Evaluation

Want to evaluate your program’s value? From small scale evaluation projects to designing and executing research studies, we’re here to assess and prove the value of the hard work you’ve put into your existing programs.

Program Development

Whether it’s market research, needs assessments, developing curriculum, or launching an online virtual learning academy we’re here to help make sure your program is sound and seamless for consumers.

Katie Stewart 
GED Fasttrack

I originally requested metrics to evaluate the efficacy of the GED FastTrack™ program but got so much more. Rebecca led us through a process to determine what we were actually trying to achieve and then used tools like the logic model to map our theory of change and determine performance measures that are easy to track and communicate our impact to stakeholders.  Rebecca helped us build processes to ensure program consistency.  Rebecca’s consulting style is personable, professional, and she consistently delivers above and beyond on deliverables. 

Joy Burkhard 
2020 Mom

Kotulo has become the strategic partner we had been looking for, for years. We found Rebecca after spending 9 months in a "Strategic Vision" program developed by a well-known non-profit consulting firm. That foundation was helpful, but we were stuck with the "then what" recognizing recalibrating/cutting programs needed an external, neutral and thoughtful partner who could take our "secret sauce" (what we are uniquely positioned to lead) and help us translate it into programs that would move the needle the most.

Holly Robinson 
Grace Lake Ministries

Rebecca helped us develop a strategic plan which included metrics to measure our impact.  I enjoyed working on this process, as we discovered how to provide proof to stakeholders, that we are doing what we say we are doing.  Rebecca is very gifted at helping you get the thoughts in your head into a usable format on paper.  She was flexible and patient through the process while also being efficient, knowledgeable, and goal-oriented. We are very pleased with our end product and give her 5 stars plus!

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At Kotulo we understand that despite having passion for a mission and serving the community day in and day out, many organizations lack the ability to truly demonstrate their impact. We know our work matters, but quantifying that can be overwhelming. Kotulo specializes in taking the headache out of measuring your efforts so you can focus on what really matters, the people in your community.

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Running an organization can be a lonely place, especially for scrappy nonprofit startups.  At Kotulo, we believe in assisting  where we can.  Our gift to you is to share our competence, knowledge, and best practice guidance, in our unrestricted resources section.  Please feel free to download any resources, view free trainings and enjoy your complimentary guides and support tools.

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